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Houseboat Ambassador is situated within the world famous Dal Lake. The Houseboat can be accessed through a five-minute Shikara ride from the Dal lake Ghat No:- 7 srinagar kashmir, situated on the right side of the Srinagar-Harwan road which runs along the bank of the dal lake. The houseboat is an architectural miracle blended with hospitality beyond compare that gives our valued guests a feel of being home even away from their homes. The rooms of the Houseboat Ambassador is adorned with exquisite pieces of walnut wood, and with time they have been rendered more or less as artefacts that serve an evidence of our traditional hospitality. Our Deluxe luxury Houseboat can be compared to any five star hotels in any matter of furnishing, fixtures, services and other amenities. Kashmir is one of the dream destinations in the world, which fascinates the tourists coming here to explore and experience its hospitality. The Houseboats in Kashmir are not only competitive but also luxurious and comfortable in all respects, satiating the tourists at the end of the day. And that is where we come in the scene.

Houseboats in srinagar

On landing in the valley of Kashmir for the first time the idea that most strikes on the mind of a visitor is the concept of Houseboats in srinagar kashmir. Houseboats in Kashmir are a British invention. They came into life around 1880 – as a British solution to a land purchasing prohibition imposed on foreigners. The Maharaja of that time allowed foreigners to live on lakes and rivers only. The British took on the challenge of creating luxurious floating houseboats using the best handicrafts Kashmir could offer. Cedar is the wood of choice for houseboat construction. The houseboat rooms have wooden walls and carved ceilings, walnut furniture, Kashmir handcrafted rugs, embroidery and curtains.

Houseboat Ambassador is one of the few houseboats in the Dal Lake that has the facility of internet and wifi for the comfort of our guests so that they stay in touch with their friends and family members back home whilst their stay. Though we're strong advocates of maintaining a quiet ambience in our houseboat, care has been taken to know about the happening around the world through a cable-connected colour television, should our guests wish to switch it on.

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