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Srinagar Kashmir ever blooming

Srinagar Kashmir ever blooming

Srinagar Kashmir  – A jewel of a destination, kashmir is one of the most amazing holiday destinations in India. Srinagar the state’s winter capital, is the first stop for most travelers to Kashmir, and with its great lake and meandering river.

Its exquisite pleasure gardens and romantic shikara rides, the old-world charm of Houseboats and the ageless grace of its architecture. The city is a fitting introduction to the many enchantments of the valley.

Srinagar Summer capital of kashmir

Sri means Lakshmi or wealth and nagar a city the summer capital of Jammu and kashmir state perched at an altitude of 1515 meters was described in Persian chronicles as Shehr-e-Kashmir or “City of Kashmir”.

Srinagar was founded by king Ashoka in 3rd century BC

SrinagarSrinagar was founded by king Ashoka in 3rd century BC near Panderethan about 8 Km from the present city.

Srinagar remained capital until mid 6th century when the new city of Pravarapura was founded by Pravarapura II in AD 630 near Hari Parbat, which is the present city.

The choice of Pravarapura II is considered impeccable as the present Srinagar city is supposed to be almost equidistant from Jammu, Rawalpindi, Leh and Gilgit through the old routes.

Srinagar has both medieval charm and a touch of modernity; surrounded by awesome mountains, river Jehlum meandering through city indicates its earliest civilization. Months could pass sightseeing at different locations and centers, be it historical or religious places, gardens or lakes, craft bazaars or stone carving units, tombs of poets or saints, wildlife sanctuaries and trout hatcheries – it’s a destination that always remains a discovery for a visitors. Connected by more than a dozen bridges over river Jehlum, a major portion of the old city bears its name after the bridges, like Zaina kadal, the first wooden bridge, was constructed by emperor Zain-ul-Abidin.

A bustling city with serene outskirts which catered leisure and adventure tourists is now being eyed by the corporate travelers for its perfect blend of business opportunities and abounding nature. While the uptown areas offer he modernized facets of the city, the downtown area presents more traditional and cultural features of people.

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