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where small cheer and great welcome makes marry feast.

A pleasant and unique experience srinagar houseboat

kashmir houseboats

Houseboat is an architectural miracle blended with hospitality beyond compare that gives our valued guests a feeling of being home even away from their homes.

Have you experienced the pleasure of Srinagar houseboat? Enjoy a unique experience on water with the deluxe Houseboat Ambassador. Our beautiful, well-furnished group of houseboats in Kashmir can offer you splendid safe adventure. Explore the stunning waters capes of the pristine country in the majestic houseboats. If you are new to houseboat, you will simply love the safe, exhilarating experience!

Seated in the deluxe, plush-furnished rooms of the luxury houseboats in Srinagar, enjoy the panoramic view of the vast waterscapes and the picturesque shores of the Dal Lake. Complement your scenic tour and sightseeing trip in Kashmir with a unique water exploration adventure.

Origin Of Houseboats

There is an interesting history to the origin of houseboats. The houseboats were introduced in 1880 by the British as a solution for the foreigners after the prohibition of land acquirement was imposed on them by the Maharaja. They resolved to live on water in houseboats floating on rivers and lakes. British designed luxurious houseboats in best woods and furnished them to procure absolute comforts.

Even at present, luxury houseboats in Srinagar are designed for the tourists have lavish interiors with wooden walls, carved ceiling, furniture, handcrafted rugs, curtains etc. to settle tourists most comfortably in its interiors.

Find Ambassador Deluxe Houseboat in Srinagar

deluxe houseboats in srinagarAmbassador Deluxe Houseboat, among the best houseboats in Srinagar is located on the famous Dal Lake in the city. You can access it with a five-minute Shikara ride from the Dal Lake Ghat no: 7, Srinagar. Locate your houseboat on the right side of the Srinagar Harwan road that runs along the bank of the Dal Lake.

With its plush interiors offering best ambiance, you are spoilt with comfort in the luxurious houseboats at Kashmir. You can plan your Kashmir exploration wisely and enjoy the best water exploration experience in the ornate interiors of houseboats while opting for the Srinagar tour package. After exploring the landscapes of the beautiful country, you can relax in the ambient interiors of the houseboats in Kashmir and relax those tired feet while enjoying the breath-taking beauty of the waterscapes. During your ride, you may have the unique experience of being lost in the vast, calm water realm away from the chaos of land stretch, surrounded by water on all sides… enjoy the unique, solitary experience.

Let the houseboat experience, be your new reason for visiting Kashmir every year…


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